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  • Veg. Clear Soup

    Veg Clear Soup

    Some people do not like creamy soups and this recipe is the one for them. Vegetable clear soup” is much tastier than it sounds

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  • Egg Foo Yung

    Egg Foo Yung

    Egg foo young an omelette dish found in American Chinese cuisine. The dish is associated with Tiki culture, and American Chinese restaurants today often list it as “Polynesian” in their menus.

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  • Stir-Fried French Beans and Carrots

    Stir-Fried French Beans and Carrots

    This is a popular vegetarian recipe available in most of the Chinese restaurants.

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  • Roti Canai

    Roti Canai

    Roti canai is a type of flatbread found in Malaysia. It is nearly identical to Indian paratha. The secret to serve a fluffy yet crispy bite roti canai is to place fried roti canai on a flat surface and with both hands give a soft clap.

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  • Ohjing-oe tuigim (Fried squid)

    Ohjing-oe tuigim

    This dish is one of the most popular street snacks in Korea. It is very simple to make and tastes great when it’s hot.

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  • Fried Bean Sprouts with Pepper

    Fried Bean Sprouts with Pepper

    Stir frying bean sprouts is perhaps the best way to cook bean sprouts. This is a nice and easy recipe. If you need that oriental flavor you can add some soy sauce while frying.

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  • Grilled Pineapple

    Grilled Pineapple

    Want to know a delicious way of enjoying a pineapple?..Grill it! Next time when you grill your chicken or beef, also keep a pineapple ready.

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  • Cucumber and Pineapple Sambal

    Cucumber Pineapple salad

    This is a popular Indonesian salad. It is little spicy. It will taste better if you add some chopped mint leaves.

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  • Chilli Garlic Crab

    Chilli Garlic Crab

    This is one such a nice seafood in Chinese style with lots of garlic. You can serve this with Rice. Another version of same dish is very popular in Singapore.

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  • Chicken Noodles

    Chicken Noodles

    If you are in a hurry and want to make a quick breakfast, this is for you. If you want you can add vegetables like carrots, capsicum and broccoli.

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