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  • Virgin Pina Colada

    Virgin Pina Colada

    A summer classic, this is cool and refreshing! For a sweeter, less tangy drink, use pineapple canned in syrup rather than its own juice.

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  • Lotus Sharbath

    Lotus Sharbath

    This health recipe has amazing powers. Lotus gives strength to your heart. It also reduces the bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Cinnamon gives energy to your body, purifies blood and reduces fat from your body.

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  • Jaljeera (Spicy Lemon Drink)

    Jal Jeera

    Jaljeera is popular in northern India because it is a cooling drink, which helps to combat sunstroke, indigestion and dehydration. Jaljeera literally means, water+cumin. It is the cooling property of cumin which makes this a summar drink

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  • Doi Anaras Delight

    Doi Anaras (326 x 232)

    This is an Indian refreshment drink popular is West Bengal region.

    Doi Anaras means Pineapple Yogurt in Bengali. Use less sour yogurt for this recipe.

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  • Masala Mor (Spicy Buttermilk)

    Spicy Buttermilk recipe

    Buttermilk is a refreshing drink made made from fermented low fat skimmed milk.

    Due to the cooling effect of this drink, it is very popular in warm countries like India, Pakistan and Middle East

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  • Alanaasi Fani


    Alanaasi Fani is a mocktail from Maldives

    It is simply the pineapple juice with added pinch of salt and lemon juice.

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