Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Burmese Rice

    Burmese Rice

    Rice is a common dish in Burma (Myanmar). This dish is flavoured with lots of spices. You can also use Basmati rice to prepare this dish.

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  • Hawaiian Pizza

    Hawaiian Pizza

    Fans of this sweet-and-salty American pizza classic say that the warm, sweet bursts of pineapple are the unusual touch that won them over when they first tried it.

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  • Honey Baked Chicken

    Honey Baked Chicken

    If you are bored of same old chicken recipes, honey baked chicken is a great alternative. It is different, delicious and goes well with any other dish like rice, salads, bread etc

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  • Veg. Clear Soup

    Veg Clear Soup

    Some people do not like creamy soups and this recipe is the one for them. Vegetable clear soup” is much tastier than it sounds

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